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From Princess To Queen

The little girl of the previous King of Oz, King Pastoria, Ozma was given to the witch Mombi by the Wizard of Oz, who stressed she would some time or another test his illegitimate principle as Oz’s defacto despot. Mombi changed the newborn child Ozma into a kid and called him Tip . Ozma, was raised as a kid and lacked memory of continually having been a young lady. As Tip, Ozma made Jack Pumpkinhead. In The Land of Oz, Glinda the great witch constrained Mombi to change the kid Tip over into Ozma, and she was introduced as Oz’s ruler (albeit numerous domains inside Oz were and stay ignorant of her power).

Baum was not disposed to stress over things like progression between his books, be that as it may, thus Ozma changed every now and again. In her introductory appearance, she was portrayed as a cherubic young lady with red-gold hair; be that as it may, every single consequent delineation of the Princess demonstrate her as dim haired, however this is never noted in the content. As indicated by Ozma of Oz, she gives off an impression of being the same stature and age as Dorothy Gale. As per The Woodman of Oz, Princess Ozma has all the earmarks of being fifteen years of age, and accordingly quite a long while more seasoned than Dorothy.


Then again, in Glinda of Oz, Queen Coo-ee-gracious is portrayed as “a young lady who looked more established than Ozma – fifteen or sixteen.” But Ozma’s roots changed considerably more than her appearance. she is the little girl of Pastoria, portrayed as a customary (aside from her illustrious position) young lady. At that point an indication of an adjustment in her sources comes as a comment by Kaliko that Ozma has a pixie wand. Later in the arrangement, Baum proclaims that Ozma is a pixie, not only a general young lady and that she was deserted as an infant to govern Oz by the pixie Queen Lurline. The Man of Oz clarifies that she is a few hundred years of age, and was among the a band of pixies who tended to Queen Lurline, who abandoned her to administer Oz.
John R. Neill, the artist of Baum’s Oz arrangement, set up the trademark look of Ozma, firmly impacted by Charles Dana’s ‘Gibson young lady’ and by the marvels in the new art blurb specialty of Alphonse Mucha. Neill drew numerous photos of Ozma in 1904, when she initially showed up in The beautiful Land of Oz, and his demise in 1943, and amid those years her picture created and changed. The outline indicated here originates from Rinkitink in Oz, 1916: about part of the way through Ozma’s steady change from a radiant youngster to a firecracker model. One of Baum’s grand daughters was Frances Ozma Baum , to whom Baum devoted The Lost Princess of Oz. She was generally known by her center name, however she additionally added to the handle “Scraps” in adolescence.

As leader of Oz, Ozma much of the time experiences challenges in attempting to rule as ruler. The story including her the minimum is “The Princess of Oz,” which she has been captivated, and Dorothy Gale frames a hunt party with whatever remains of the well known Oz characters, taking in the Magic’s employments Belt, and utilizing its forces to in the long run free Ozma.

In The Forbidden Fountain of Oz by Eloise Jarvis McGraw with her girl Lauren, a young lady named Ozgood Esmeralda served Ozma limeade made from water from the Forbidden Fountain, making her lose her memory. Oliver the hedgebird alluded to her as “Poppy” due to the poppies in her hair. An old lady whose child was a shepherd dresses her in her child’s old pieces of clothing and shoes, and she gets routinely confused for a kid, which she puts on a show to be for the purpose of assurance when it is proposed to her by Tobias Bridlecull, Jr, a clumsy highwayman who chooses to take up another exchange as her bodyguard. The Fountain is not able to totally delete her memory, however, for she perceives Jack Pumpkinhead, who botches her for Tip, then appears to review that she was once known as Tip. The rest of her memory, however, she wishes back on the Magic Belt. Despite the fact that Omby Amby had formally been her bodyguard, she permits Toby to hold the position with her memory recovered.

Understanding Princess Ozma

Princess Ozma, a fictional character from Oz, is described by Frank Baum as an amazing, cheerful and appealing character. She has appeared in all of the Oz series books except “The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, which was published in 1900. The princess is presented as beautiful and Baum described that she was to reign in the fairyland forever because she was immortal.

Princess Ozma’s Physical Appearance

Anybody who has not read any of the Oz series books will readily love the appearance of the princess even through description by another person. In “the marvelous land of Oz”, Baum has provided an amazing description of the princess. He compares her eyes with diamonds and it sparkled with beauty. The beauty of her lips is comparable to that of a tourmaline and her hair was beautiful, just comparable to that of a royal personality. The notable comments that Baum has made about her physical appearance makes us want more of the Oz series books.

Personality and Mannerism

No one can deny the fact that the princess had an appealing personality that everyone would wish to be associated with. That is not all, in various excerpts of the series, the personality and mannerisms of the princess are outstanding and this adds to the qualities that were analyzed in the previous sections of this article.

To begin with, Ozma declared in “Kabumpo in Oz” that she is not interested in Romance. This is surprising considering the prevailing conditions and situations that are described in the books. Consequently, there are implications in several of the Oz series books that she cannot do any wrong or commit a crime. As such, she is pure at heart, just like several of the characters that have been used by Baum. The narration of her attributes and qualities gives a true definition of a princess and their docile nature.

The movements of the princess are described as dignified and graceful and she portrays a high degree of etiquette. She is also compassionate and benevolent as shown and expressed in her relationship with others and the duties that she delivers. She has no intentions to destroy even her enemies because she considers it wrong. Even though she is described as a young princess, her achievements are overwhelming. She is intelligent and her leadership is just and fair because she considers the plight of the surrounding and the goals that she intends to achieve.

At her age, Princess Ozma is expected to be relaxed and adventurous because children of her age are expected to be full of excitement. However, her age does not tell anything about her character and abilities. She appears mature, serious and determined to achieve a lot. This can be confirmed from “the marvelous land of Oz, where she is described as a wise and just ruler who achieved a lot even though she was young and had little experience about leadership. The Oz series of books have exposed several adorable qualities about Princess Ozma, which if applied in real life by leaders, a lot will be achieved.

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Seventy-five years after its production, the Wizard of Oz remains one of the most beloved movies on cinema history. The 1939 Metro-Goldywn-Mayer adaptation of Frank L Baun’s classic novel continues to charm both children and adults alike, with its mixture of compelling characters, deft storytelling and rich atmosphere.

A Hero’s Journey

Dorothy Gale, a young Midwestern farm girl is swept away by an afternoon tornado to munchkinland, a place of enchantment and terror. There, she meets not only a host of affable residents, but she also encounters the Wicked Witch of the West. Desperate to return to her home in Kansas, Dorothy is sent by Glenda, the good Witch of the north, to search for the great and powerful Wizard of Oz to seek help.

Lions and Tin men and Scarecrows

During her journey along the Yellow Brick Road, Dorothy meets a memorable trio of traveling companions to assist in her flight from the Wickid Witch of the West, who wants to steal the magical pair of ruby slippers that Glenda placed on Dorothy’s feet: The Scarecrow, who wants a brain; The Tinman, who wants a heart; and the Cowardly Lion, who desires courage. Accompanied by her companions, Dorothy finally arrives in the Emerald City to meet The Wizard of Oz, only to learn that she possessed the power to return to Kansas all along.

The Wizard of Oz features several scenes which have become staples of American pop culture. Ray Bolgers portrayal of the noodle-kneed Scarcrow is sure to have both children and adults laughing. Judy Garland’s performance of the musical scoreOver the Rainbowwill be a treat for both first time viewers as well as long time fans.

The Cast of the Wizard of Oz.

*Dorothy Gale – Judy Garland
*The Scarecrow – Ray Bolger
*Tin Man – Jack Haley
*Cowardly Lion – Bert Lahr
*The Wizard of Oz – Frank Morgan
*Glenda – Billie Burk
*Wickid Witch of the West – Margaret Hamiliton
*Aunt Em -Clara Blandick